Versatility Family

We Are.... The Versatility Family

We Are.... The Versatility Family

Versatility Family is a dance company that aims to inspire and create a spark in others to pursue their dreams and goals through dance classes. From dance classes to performing in front of the Mayor of London, VST wants to become an inspiration to all creatives and we want to show the world how infectious our energy is. 

FitMe Clothing creative founder Tex-Roi McKay had the privilege of teaming up with talented creative dancer and VST CEO Will. Creating a number of unique and eye catching collaborations over the last 2 years. Fusing the essence of our boutique streetwear fashion with the diverse forms of the urban dance scene. Stay tuned as we bringing some special projects for 2022!

To Inspired And Create A Spark In Others

If you are an aspiring dancer with a passion for movement VST are here to help you bring that spark to life. Classes are fun, inclusive and allow you to be the best version of you with people that understand.

Do you share a passion for dance?

Join our exciting dance community and let's ignite your spark

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