Olivia Igwe

Olivia Igwe

Described once as “an unusual nomad”

Olivia has spent her childhood travelling around Europe which inevitability had her discover and fall in love with culture which transcended into being a Fashion Stylist, Image Consultant and Personal Shopper, working with passion for High-End Magazines, Celebrities, Designers to well known Fashion Houses such as Christians Dior, Givenchy, Aline Ocho, Adidas, Nike, Balenciaga, Rick Owens, Emporio Armani, Karl Lagerfeld, Modus Mensus, Numero and many more.

Believing that fashion should be accessible and taught to female lead business owners, she decided to follow the path of teaching and empowering her clients to own a signature style with ease class and excellence through daring, stylish and confident look. 

Styling and clothing is a second skin and should be used the right way. Through her Legendary London Experience she infuses Chakra Charting but also nothings of falling in love with thy self. The best gift one can give to walk in purpose and on purpose.


Be more confident leaders 

Be stylish women

Owning their own blueprint and brand

Receiving compliments from strangers

Grabbing the attention in less than 7 seconds

Falling back in love with shopping 

Today, Olivia Igwe personalises her services with this unique personal shopper service based in London, UK. This transformation is there to have her clients.

Olivia's has created inspirational postcards with a message!

We have teamed up to create some unique and eye catching collaboration pieces. Curating our FitMe streetwear fashion style with her brilliant story and empowering messages.


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