What Does Colour Say About You?


I have decided to address over the coming weeks an important part of the FitMe Clothing brand. 
People always ask or notice a difference that sets us apart from many other Streetwear brands. It's the use of our vast colour palette in our collections. This is not an accident ladies and gents. Colour is a part of our everyday life, whether we notice it or not. 
It can portray or evoke an specific emotion in us. Be used to display a level of authority or influence. Or have a certain health and mind benefit in the way we feel, look and act.
Being the best version of you is what many of us are striving towards. With the 'learning' revolution at its peak we want to connect that to what we do and believe in at FitMe Clothing. Helping our customers understand more about colour. How to use it in their wardrobe collections and how to create the right look.
Over the next few weeks we will be diving a little deeper into the different colour philosophies. Speaking with talented people from the fashion industry including designers, bloggers and stylist. Also we will discover what regular people and customers feel about the use of colour in fashion.
Having started my career over 18 years ago, specialising in interior design and architecture. I have developed an understanding of how colours can dictate the look and feel of the built environments. In my career I have seen the direct effect that colour has had on people's perception and behaviour.
I have broken this down into 3 impactful areas that we will look at and discuss over the coming weeks.
Colour perception
Colour emotion
Colour well being
Stay tuned for some great content, tips and ideas. Help you see colour in a different light when making fashion decisions.

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