Meet VST

Meet The Talented VST FAM!

Versatility Family consists of diverse dancers from different backgrounds that came together to bring something new and fresh to the scene. VST specialise in Hip hop, Afro dance, Popping, Tutting and bone breaking. From busking in the streets of Piccadilly Circus, to video shoots & performances, versatility aims to become an inspiration to all creatives. Also, we want to show the world how infectious our energy is.

FitMe Clothing creative founder Tex-Roi McKay had the privilege of teaming up with this talented group of creatives. Where we fuse the essence of our streetwear with the diverse forms of the urban dance scene. It may have been a Covid summer but we launched an exciting first collaboration. Best believe the journey is just beginning;) If you missed our recent collaboration, don't worry we got you. Check out V.S.T member Will, as he shares a personal vlog of the memorable FitMe shoot day. Where we took the roof off the summer fashion photoshoot. FitMe Clothing X VST

Big thanks to the VST Fam for being such a big part of the day and bringing the heat with the FitMe Family. Rocking some of our hot new collections on the day!

We have exciting new collaborations cooking with  VST as we hit the streets of London in the 'Feel Good Fashion' of FitMe Clothing. Our Limited Edition ( FitMe x VST) Tees drop soon for a limited time ONLY. Join our newsletter to stay in the know and discover more styles 'Inspired For You'.

Do you share a passion and love for dance?!

Join this exciting community of talented and diverse dancers. Stay in the know for upcoming performances, events and classes. 


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