Ok, so I admit it. I use this project as a blatant excuse to be around as many of my friends as possible

Our first photoshoot was hectic yet so inspiring as this was a sight of what’s to come. As I drew for breath at the end of a long day and reflected on what was achieved, after being interviewed by the Award winning film Director Paul Shammasian.

Located in Green Rooms hotel, an amazing art deco building with some superb traditional features and natural lighting. Close to where I spent most of childhood years. We had the luxury of hiring the top level where we made the magic happen. It was a great opportunity for some of the now known Fitme Family to see some of the garments and designs for the very first time. I managed to keep this secret from many until this point which wasn’t easy. It’s fair to say that the response was overwhelming not only from those whom know me a long time but for those who met me for the first time on the day. A fresh, fun, well considered brand was just some of the complementary statements made by spectators and participants on the day.

Love you all and thanks so much for loving me and the clothes!

Here is to a great 2018! Shop Now